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About Us

Our company has been established since 1985 providing kitchen accessories and home textile items. Our aim is to export our products worldwide. To materialize our aim, we have exhibited our products in several international trade fairs in various countries, particularly Germany as it is a center of world international trade fairs.


Experienced gained from attending international trade fairs helped us in improving the products’ style and quality. We have integrated our creativity into the products by putting a doll into every item we produced, differentiating our products from others in the market as well as being a value-added factor to what were originally kitchen accessories (to become the items being used as home decorations). Besides, we also carefully select various environmental-friendly-materials used in each item of products, together with a quality control in every production process in order to deliver high quality hand-made products into the market.

With the differences in style and product quality, we have been recognized and have got customers from every part of the world, particularly European countries. Throughout the 20 years of experiences in this field, we have continuously developed and created new products and designs to meet our customer needs. Until today, we have created over 1,500 product designs in our collection, which are available in 15 lines of home textile products including Oven Mitten, Apron, Plastic Bag Keeper, Bread Basket, Doll Towel, Tissue Roll Cover, Bread/Pajamas bag, Sub Pot, Toilet Paper Keeper, Tissue Box Cover, Tissue Stand Cover, Refrigerator Handle Cover, Tea Cosy, Egg Keeper and Door Stopper.

At the presence, we still participate in international trade fairs in Germany at least 3 times a year as followed:

  1. Heimtextil – the world biggest international trade fair involving in household products which made of textile, exhibited every year in January at Messe Frankfurt.
  2. Ambiente – the world biggest international fair involving in gift and decorative items, exhibit every year in February at Messe Frankfurt.
  3. Tendence/Collectione – the gifts and decorative items fair organized in July or August of every year at Messe Frankfurt.

Moreover, we also join a trade exhibition in Hong Kong, which is one of the world largest international gifts fairs exhibited in every April and October.

Fulfill your kitchen with our cute and functional items, let us be a part of your home!

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